Upcoming Berlin shows in the first week of April with Pieuvre, Nunofyrbeeswax and Topdown

Next Tuesday we’ll play our first show with our new line-up, with Juan on bass and Ian on drums: At Loophole in Neukölln, on April 4 at 7pm. We’ve been looking forward to sharing this new playing dynamic of ours (as well as a bunch of new songs) with you! It’s especially nice that it’ll happen in this constellation, with our friends (and one of the latest Kitchen Leg Records sensations) Pieuvre – that immediately converted me into a fan with their angular but very catchy post punk structures and their Riot Grrrl attitude when I first got to see them at Ausland last year; on my birthday, of all days. As always, we’d be happy to see a few familiar faces out there in the crowd, so come on down and invite us for a beer. But that isn’t all:

Collage flyer for the Pieuvre/Adventure Team show on April 4 at Loophole in Neukölln, presented by Kitchen Leg Records and The Sunday Matinee Collective.
Flyer for the Nunofyrbeeswax, Topdown & Adventure Team show at Villa Kuriosum on the 8th of April at 8:30pm.

That’s right, we’ve got another show in town coming up the same week. Thank gawd we’re presenting both these shows kind of ourselves – I can sense whole generations of promoters self-igniting in disbelief. Anyway, so this second show will be taking place the following Saturday, the 8th of April, at Villa Kuriosum in Lichtenberg. Sunday Matinee regulars will be able to guide you the way. Besides ourselves, our longtime band BFFs and Matinee-affiliates, the Spanish-Italian, Berlin- and Sevilla-based garage pop duo-turned-4-piece nunofyrbeeswax will be joining the bill, as well as local garage-anthemists Top Down, whom we haven’t shared the stage with since that really cool Dead Moon tribute night a bunch of years back at Trickster. It will be the last local nunofyrbeeswax show for a while, so fans of the band (like ourselves) should not miss this.

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