Adventure Team are a multinational indie rock three-piece, straight from the fertile Berlin DIY underground. Their decidedly guitar-heavy sound is influenced by the numerous boy-girl revolutionaries of the indie rock, indie pop and queercore scenes of the 1980s and -90s as well as the free rock spirit of 1960s and -70s folk rock. 

In between their tuneful melodies, vocal harmonies and emotionally expressive guitar solos, the three band members Jonathan, Juan and Ian dream of a liveable future, look back mercifully on past selves and get lost in the immediacy of the present—while getting inspired by utopian thinkers, dystopian novels, psychedelic experiences, socialist ideas and relationships between everyday people on the way.

Their new album “In Giraffe” is out now on vinyl via Glasgow indie label Heavenly Creature Records and as a Monorail Music-exclusive limited special edition including a fanzine.

Adventure Team
Postfach 440443
12004 Berlin

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