Album sessions in France, Sunday Matinee in absence, May 27 Homecoming Show at Bechereck

The three Adventure Team members Jonathan, Ian and Juan appearing as silhouettes due to being photographed against the light of the setting sun on the jetty of a lake by Ahlimbsmühle in Brandenburg. Picture by Rachel Horsman.
Picture by Rachel Horsman. Ahlimbsmühle, April 2023.

Just a few days from now we’ll pack up the car and drive down to the beautiful pays of the Charente Maritime in the West of France—to record our long overdue 2nd album with reluctant producer Jaike Stambach. Rehearsals have been going well enough, the rest will be down to talent and magic. We’re looking forward to sharing these songs with the world and—to be quite honest—to finally getting them out of the way and moving on to writing some new stuff. Recording schedule permits, we might keep you guys posted here or on or various social media outlets, so keep your eyes peeled!

While we’ll be gone, there will still be the next Sunday Matinee on the 21st, which we encourage you to attend. Davide is still working on the flyer, but the line-up is confirmed: Diane Electro, The Gondors and Halbtal. Plus some DJ and some food, as per usual. Same place (Villa Kuriosum) and time (from 4pm). Help wanted, if you feel like lending a hand, please reach out through the usual channels.

Jonathan from Adventure Team and Davide and Angela form nunofyrbeeswax at the nunofyrbeeswax/Razor Cunts show at West Germany on May 7, 2023. Taken by Benni aka DJ Dingo Susi.
Picture by Benjamin Wild. West Germany, Berlin. May 7, 2023.
Collage-style poster for the Ultrabonus/Adventure Team/Pieuvre show at Bechereck on the 27th of May, 2023, presented by Ceiling Rat.

Check this out: On May 27, right after we’ll have returned from France there’ll be this little ‘homecoming show’ of sorts at Bechereck, a not-too-shabby bar in the neighbourhood, with a quite sizeable pool table in the multi-purpose backroom/concert room, that’ll be moved out of and back into the way over the course of the evening of the show. Which neighbourhood? Well, the neighbourhood. You know, Charlie’s neighbourhood. Nice line-up too: Ultrabonus and Pieuvre—all friends from the Kitchen Leg Records-/Matinee-corner of the werld. Thanks in advance to the Ceiling Rat guys (catch their band Easy Read!). See you there?

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