Album Sessions, Upcoming Shows, The Sunday Matinee #67

Pictured here: Adventure Team standing in front of the French countryside manor we recorded our 2nd album at in May, with “Anyone Can Draw” recording engineer Jaike Stambach. Two days of driving down there from Berlin in a car full of gear were followed by two days spent recording basic tracks with the full band, followed by a final two days of guitar overdubs and tracking vocals. What a trip.

And so many memories of late nights the three of us and Jaike spent cooking up delicious meals together, in the cozy kitchen of the house, after the long recording sessions of the day. It was an absolute privilege to get to introduce Juan to Alan Partridge and we witnessed many a mesmerizing starry French country night, out on the terrace in front of the house, listening to the aleatoric purr of a few lonely crickets in the garden. Pretty much right where we’re standing in the picture.

Meanwhile the album has just been mastered by Peter Deimel at Studio Black Box last week and we’re slowly starting to get our heads around to considering various options for its release. If you’re interested, let’s get talking!

A bleached out Polaroid of the band Adventure Team's three members standing in front of the old farm house in France where they recorded their 2nd album

Show announcement! We’ve got a Berlin show coming up in less than two weeks: August 2 at Schokoladen, alongside Margot Erkner, as part of Kitty Solaris’ Lofi Lounge series.

And there will be another Sunday Matinee this Sunday. #67, with Bad Groupy, Lorenzo Abbatoir and Finn Johansson Band. Weather permits, in the garden at Villa Kuriosum. Doors at 4.

Flyer for The Sunday Matinee #67 w/ Bad Groupy, Lorenzo Abbatoir and Finn Johansson Band on July 23, 2023, from 4pm in the garden at Villa Kuriosum.

We also recommend you to check out nunofyrbeeswax‘ Berlin shows today and/or tomorrow, at Schokoladen resp. Loge. It’ll be a while till they’ll be back, so don’t say we didn’t tell you… See you there!

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