Caledonia Dreaming: Slipper duo show at Schokoladen tomorrow, Tuesday night

As you may or may not know, Adventure Team befriended Slipper core members Rocky Lorelei & Sean Armstrong‘s Glasgow band Spinning Coin when we shared a bill at the dearly missed Internet Explorer in late 2018.

Spinning Coin ended up arriving hours late for soundcheck, due to the rather unfortunate circumstance that Jack’s old, beat up Berlingo had gotten towed right outside the place by the old Victoria brewery Future Sailor Concerts promoter Andre had arranged for the band to stay at. Andre and myself eventually found ourselves driving around Neukölln aimlessly in my own old Citroën (as seen in the “Family Matters” video) on the lookout for the stray Glaswegians. It wasn’t exactly the easiest undertaking since the band seemed to have temporarily forgotten that cellphones existed, so that in the end Andre and I had to come to terms with the failure of our rescue mission.

But as these things tend to pan out in the real world, a good few hours later Spinning Coin finally turned up at the venue, setting the course for an overall pretty solid, albeit mediocrely attended night of expertly crafted indie rock, as well as some very welcome German-Scottish cultural exchange. After the show had finished, we somehow all ended up at the aforementioned apartment near the old Victoria brewery. I remember discussing songwriting and Neil Young with Sean, which I tend to think of as the starting point of our friendship, that intensified when Rachel (“Rocky”) and him moved to Berlin the following year and we randomly bumped into each other one night outside Loophole.

Tomorrow night, Rachel and Sean will be playing a rare, one-off duo show as Slipper at Schokoladen, alongside Trader from Denmark.

You are invited.

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