Hi there

Welcome to our new website. Perhaps you’ve heard of us before – we’re a lofi-kinda indie rock band from Berlin. Right now we’re pretty stoked to start playing shows with our amazing new line-up featuring the very talented Ian Tilling on drums (Grief Scene, formerly Trapped Mice & Leoprrrds) very soon. We’ve got a few local shows with longtime band BFFs such as Pieuvre or nunofyrbeeswax lined up for April. Have a look at our “Shows” section, willya.

While Juan is spending a month visiting his family in Argentina, we’re pretty busy making plans to record a 2nd album later this spring in France. It still feels pretty unreal, but it looks like it’s actually gonna happen and we’re beyond excited. Hoping we’ll get to play a bunch of shows out of town (not necessarily in France) as well – hit us up if you’ve got any leads! 

Other than just using this new website to promote our own projects, we’re also aiming to keep you posted about interesting shows and releases and such from within our little corner of the International Pop Underground. If that sounds interesting to you, you might also want to sign up for our newsletter.

Thanks in advance!

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